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Every child deserves a global perspective!


Globally competent students require teachers with a global perspective. Teachers in the 21st century are required to meet the needs of a increasingly diverse student body and to teach their students the skills and knowledge necessary to be globally responsible citizens. Their teacher education programs - and the faculty and deans who lead them - play an essential role in ensuring that U.S. teachers are properly prepared to enable our young people to cope and thrive in a globally-connected world. GTE supports teacher preparation programs that seek to internationalize their programs and ensure that every teacher is globally competent.

Our Mission is to ensure that U.S. teachers are properly trained to prepare our young people to cope and thrive in a globally-connected world. By partnering with colleges of education and professional bodies in the education and teacher preparation spaces, GTE will support the internationalization of teacher preparation programs by connecting professionals, as well as advancing and disseminating research and best practices.

This mission is based on a vision of our nation’s young people being prepared to become truly global citizens – confident in their own culture, yet able to understand and appreciate other cultures with which they will increasingly interact in their personal, social and economic lives.