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To build resillience in children so they succesfully meet the challenges and opportunities presented to them in life. Tax ID 27-0342290


The Need

The child’s mind is drawing conclusions about events,   comments, attitudes, etc., that he or she faces day in and day out.  When these are negative or are perceived by the mind as unsafe and stressful the amygdala in the brain  triggers the natural body stress reaction for protection and survival, storing different negative emotions in the body.  These unresolved negative emotions, if not dealt with by going within, start accumulating and building beliefs and patterns (neural nets in the brain) about themselves and the world around them, which then leads the child to poor choice making. 

Choices like aggressive verbal or physical behavior with friends and family, withdrawing in the classroom and at home, just wanting to play video games, isolation, need for attention, sadness, overeating, under eating, drug or alcohol abuse,  joining gangs, among others, are the result of beliefs already building in their mind.

Our Response

We propose teaching children inner mechanisms that reduce their body-stress reaction and boost confidence, positive social adjustment, and academic achievement, bringing about a better quality of life in the short and long run.

Our Mission

To build resilience skills in inner city children so they successfully meet the challenges and opportunities presented to them in life.         

How we Do it

We develop and implement innovative, engaging and research-based educational  material delivered through enrichment programs, teacher training, parent training and diverse forms of conscious media such as visual media, books, music, and others. Materials and sessions are offered in both English and Spanish as needed.


Every thought and every action generates an outcome, these outcomes then generate more thoughts and more actions.  The quality of my thoughts and my actions influence the quality of my life. Consequently, what I experience is a result of what I think, say and do.