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Cure GM1 Spring Clean



98% Raised of $10,000 Goal

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Cure GM1 Spring Clean Photo
Cure GM1 Spring Clean Photo
Cure GM1 Spring Clean Photo
Cure GM1 Spring Clean Photo
Cure GM1 Spring Clean Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Apr 24, 2016

JOIN us  NOW for the first Cure GM1 Spring Clean!


What is the Cure GM1 Spring Clean?

On Saturday and Sunday April 23rd-24th, unite to fund GM1 Gangliosidosis medical research by doing a spring walk or run, holding a yard sale, bake sale, or lemonade stand.  


You don’t have to wait until April 23rd-24th.   Start NOW and create a team to fundraise to contribute to GM1 medical research!


Fundraise for urgent medical research for a cure!  Children with GM1 are in desperate need of your help.


We all have a lot of stuff and it’s time to do a spring clean out and help contribute to HOPE.  Gather some items you no longer need, fundraise, and contribute the proceeds to helping children.  The weather is finally getting nice.  What better way to welcome spring than by helping contribute to saving children's lives?


How to Participate:

This event is not limited to a country, particular group, date or time.  Choose whenever is most convenient for you to complete the fundraiser!


While this particular event will culminate on April 23rd-24th with local teams joining together, this is a very flexible virtual event.  


Participate as an individual, create or join a team, or simply fundraise. 


Individual:  You can register as an individual and let your friends and family know and they can donate to your fundraising page.


Team:  Join an existing team or create your own and invite your friends and family to join.


Simply Fundraise:  Don’t want to have an event, but you still want to participate?  No problem! 


What is GM1 Gangliosidosis?

GM1 Gangliosidosis is a horrible terminal degenerative neurological genetic disease.  This disease robs children of all motor skills, their speech, and ultimately all bodily functions.  This disease is fatal and primarily affects children. 


Where do the funds go?

The funds raised are 100% tax deductible and are being donated to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Cure GM1 Foundation.  This foundation is the only foundation in the US entirely dedicated to GM1 Gangliosidosis.  There are no paid employees and the overhead costs are absolutely minimal.  The maximum amount of funding possible is being put towards medical research.  The goal is to advance the research to human clinical trials.


In particular, there are several very promising areas of research such as gene therapy and enzyme replacement therapy.  There is very promising research that is ready NOW.  To be able to contribute to bringing these treatments to humans in clinical trials, help is needed.


 Cure GM1 has funded gene therapy research at Auburn University and UMass Medical School.  These projects require more funding.  Other researchers around the world also have requested assistance.  


Why is private funding needed?

The timelines for obtaining government funds can be quite long.  Private funding can accelerate the process.  Children who are diagnosed with this horrible condition need the treatment on the day they are born and yet this is not a possibility currently.   There is no treatment and there is no newborn screening for this condition. 


Furthermore, when clinical trials come online, the number of spots are extremely limited and the timelines are lengthy.  Worse, some clinical trials do not succeed.  There is not a single clinical trial to treat this disease.  There are no options for these children.  While the government might fund a trial, another may languish.  Ideally, multiple approaches are being funded to ensure there is the best possibility of success.


Donate Now!

Please consider a donation today!  Better yet, please consider forming a team to help contribute to funding this urgent research.  Truly, no donation is too small.  All contributions matter and you can be the hope for change.  


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting HOPE!