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CROWDRISE : Sep 28, 2013
Tax ID: 26-3961585
BASED: Orange, CA, United States


GMO-Free Orange County

We are a Non-GMO coalition for a healthy future!!

We at GMO-Free Orange County are a local group of volunteers driven by genuine, personal passion to spread the truth about genetically engineered foods.  We have formed early this year (2013), and have been working tirelessly to do just that - spread awareness about serious harm caused by GMOs, accompanying herbicides and pesticides, the history and track record of biotech / chemical industries, and most importantly educate the public on how to keep our families healthy by avoiding GMOs and promoting wholesome organic foods.


We are ordinary concerned citizens from right here in Orange County, CA with our own personal stories of struggles with disorders and illnesses, discovery about genetically modified foods, and improvements in health and well-being as the result of getting off GMOs and turning to healthy organic lifestyle.  None of us are paid a penny.  We work full-time jobs, and volunteer our free time and resources to do whatever it takes to help our neighbors everywhere protect their families' health by understanding how to steer clear of GMOs.


Please meet our lead volunteers:

• D'Marie Mulattieri - Light Bearers of the World founder, and chief March Against Monsanto Orange County organizer

• John Diaz - Label GMOs campaign Orange County leader

• Monica Serratos - Moms Across America March local organizer in Lake Forest, CA

• Vicki Weissler - integrative medicine doctor, and a top GMO-Free OC volunteer

• Jim La Pointe - Co-Director at the American Indian Movement Orange County, and March Against Monsanto Orange County organizer 

• Irina Californias - top volunteer and March Against Monsanto Orange County organizer

• Angel B Nei - resident videographer, artist, and graphic designer

• And many more in our large network of passionate volunteers!


We would be honored if you joined our GMO-Free Orange County Volunteer Group.


Here's what we've been doing so far:

- Raising public awareness and educating the public through informational MAM flyer and business/info cards distribution
- Making numerous signs for our marches
- Creating graphic design for our flyers, identity, websites, facebook pages, informational memes, business/info cards, banners, and signs
- Conducting awareness documentary screenings
- Actively raising awareness and educating the public about Monsanto and GMOs via our social networking sites
- Designing Non-GMO aparrel and accessories

And now, we're planning to take this to the next level.  We can only do so much with our extremely limited resources, but we will do plenty more good with adequate funding.  Thank you SO MUCH for supporting us here on Crowdrise!!!

Tax ID: 26-3961585 •


Want to get involved? It'd be amazing if you created a fundraiser for our charity and helped us raise money. Create a Fundraiser