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Goal Corp Grupo Oficial De Arbitros Lati...

Goal Corp Grupo Oficial De Arbitros...
CROWDRISE : Oct 10, 2016
Tax ID: 45-2271116
BASED: Chicago, IL, United States


Goal Corp Grupo Oficial De A...

Certifying Youth as Refs

Workforce Development Project for Youth -Soccer Referees Instruction, Training, and Placement.

GOAL Corp: Training Young Latinos to Succeed 

We announced plans to train new young Latino referees while studying ways to help them through their career paths. It is recurrent that young Latinos often leave their educational aspirations and hobbies in order to join blue-collar jobs.

“Many young Latino students choose to join family jobs in construction or landscaping to cover either school or life expenses and others are employed in minimum wage part-time jobs while going to school.”

During this process, many of these youth put aside their desire to practice any sport and in many cases end up choosing to work over finishing their high school or college degrees. In many cases, working takes time away from preparing for classes given that many of these youth prioritize their families short-term financial stability over their long-term academic success.

o prevent many young Latinos from both quitting school and staying away from sports, in GOAL Corp we have developed a program to fill the demand for new referees, connect the youth with flexible jobs in the field and allow them to continue their educational goals.

“Through our corporation, we provide training in all aspects including regulatory knowledge, physical training, performance and projection as referees. Each youth can develop skills as referee, trainer, or sports administrator in institutions such as YMCA, Park Districts, Boys and Girls Scouts, soccer clubs and/or academies.”

Tax ID: 45-2271116 •




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