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The Goathouse Refuge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, no-kill animal sanctuary dedicated to providing cage-free care for cats regardless of age, medical issues or disposition until a permanent loving adoptive home can be found. Tax ID 26-0893521


Siglinda Scarpa, with the help of many others, has created a safe haven for animals: the Goathouse Refuge. A 501(c)3 organization, the Goathouse Refuge is a compassionate, cagefree no‐kill animal sanctuary that cares for many kinds of animals, mostly cats, located in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

The Goathouse is dedicated to providing cage‐free care for cats regardless of age, medical issues, or disposition until a permanent and loving adoptive home can be found. The number of cats at the Goathouse fluctuates, but averages around 275 at any given time. Since its incorporation in 2007, the Goathouse has provided refuge to over 1500 cats. (You can read more about our organization and its founder here:  You can also find us on facebook:

Each month the Goathouse matches approximately 20 cats in loving homes. In addition to finding permanent homes for our cats, we also provide a life‐long sanctuary for those cats who are difficult to place: ferals, seniors, cats with disabilities, cats with medical needs, and/or cats who are very shy. We also have about 20 cats in foster care with families who can provide the special love and care these kitties need.

The majority of the cats taken in by the Goathouse are from the 22 kill shelters in the surrounding area to save their lives. Spaying and neutering are still not exercised enough by the local population, and shelters are ill-equipped to deal with the steady flow of animals coming in. Many shelters kill for space almost on a daily basis, and often do so in inhumane ways (the use of gas chambers and heart stick is not uncommon in the Carolinas). The Goathouse attempts to take in as many cats as possible from some of the worst shelters. We also accept cats who are surrendered by families who can no longer provide for them or who are evicted from their homes, and we work closely with other organizations to rescue cats who have suffered from neglect, abuse, and are in danger. Every Goathouse cat is spayed or neutered, receives all vaccinations, immunizations, medicines, and special diets (if required), to remain healthy, and are micro‐chipped for identification.

The work being done at the Goathouse is inspirational; volunteers offer time and donors offer gifts to help keep the refuge open – but the task is quite daunting, and funding is scarce. The weekly cost of the care of roughly 275 cats is about $5,000, and requires approximately 120 volunteer hours. When you meet the cats, you will understand why this dedicated group of individuals, who are the Goathouse family, work very hard to keep it all going.

This kitten-season has hit us especially hard. We have taken in over 20 moms with their litters and had several emergency cases: moms needing emergency c-sections, a kitty with a prolapsed uterus, a mom and kittens who came in from a gassing shelter with panleuk, and kitten with a prolapsed anus, a pregnant girl with a herniated trachea, etc. In addition to this, our neighbors have started to develop a shooting range, which means that there is the constant sound of gunshots, upsetting our animals and keeping us from organizing our annual fundraiser (a brunch in Siglinda's gardens). As a result, we are having trouble paying our vet bills, and we could also use help with upcoming spay and neuter surgeries for these families...

Please consider donating to the Goathouse Refuge!