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God Helps Those who Help Themselves

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Here we go: I saw Ed Norton last night on the Jay Leno show. He indicated that Crowrise is different, innovative, and successful.
I'm using a fake name right now because frankly, I'm the one who needs help.
I think I can ask for help here, and still maintain the parameters set-forth.
There are charitable organizations already registered on Guidestar that I would be qualified to accept help from.
Meaning that that would be your "security" that I am vetted. That I am who I say that I am, and that I really am poor, and whatever else I claim that my circumstances are.
Now here's my plan: (and I guess that you could consider this my first donation to Crowdrise because anyone can use it), I post the details of exactly what I need here.
I contact a Guidstar registered charity.
I tell/ask/beg, them to accept me as a client, AND a volunteer fund-raiser.
If anyone here is generous enough to donate to my project, the donation goes-through the named charity.
Crowdrise gets their cut. The charity gets theirs if there is one negotiated, and I get what I need.
It takes transparency to a new level!
You & I get to SEE a charity's funds in action.
Right now I am in a bad situation and I plan on asking my local homeless shelter for help.
If this plan works, the help that I need will be donated to the local agency.
I saw a homeless US Veteran on Oprah. My plan could be used to help others also.
Same formula, I find a Guidestar-registed charity which she would be eligible to receive help from, ask them to dedicate funds raised through my project, (or a portion), to her cause, Ask them to participate, raise funds, and funds are donated to her through the approved charity.
This would work with Wish Upon A Hero too!
I found someone there who is worse-off than I am. I match her with a charity. wa-la!
...same formula! This could work! Thank-you Ed Norton for being an innovative and hopeful person.



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Jane is working on selecting a charity so you can support God Helps Those who Help Themselves.