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Tesoros de Dios exists to actively engage children with disabilities to further their development in a spirit of love and excellence. Currently our children come from impoverished communities in Managua, Nicaragua and are in significant need of our help. Tax ID 45-2470867


Who We Serve: 90 children with a wide variety of disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Hydrocephaly, Autism, Brain Damage and others. Most children come from low-income families, many living in very poor conditions that are not conducive to their health conditions.

What We Do: Hired Nicaraguan staff provide services for the kids which include: Hippo Therapy (on horse), Physical Therapy, Special Education, Early Intervention and/or Palliative Care. Children attend weekly with a family member. Since many of the mothers are single and struggling to make ends meet, they are encouraged by the community of support at our center and training classes that are offered, including disability education, home economics and bible study.

Why We Do It: In Managua alone, there is an estimate of more than 6,000 children with developmental disabilities. These children rarely have opportunity to go to school, and services are limited for them.

How We Run: This program runs fully on support from donors such as yourself. Many volunteers have come to help with building projects and staff training as well as provide financial support. Thank you if you are one of those who have given of your time or resources to help us keep going. We would not exist without your support.