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Green Village Initiative, a non-profit in Bridgeport, Connecticut, is creating social, economic and environmental change through a unified network of urban farms, community gardens, school gardens and our youth empowerment program. Tax ID 27-1439954


What We Do

Green Village Initiative’s farms and gardens nurture a grassroots movement of urban growers of all ages across the city. We manage a network of community gardens, 23 school gardens, Reservoir Community Farm and a Youth Development program, for the benefit of the Bridgeport community. Reservoir Community Farm produce is sold to public school cafeterias and directly to the community.

Our Programs

Reservoir Community Farm
Our urban farm is a source of hundreds of pounds of produce each year for thousands of public school children through Bridgeport’s universal free-lunch program. Reservoir Community Farm also serves as a center for educational school field trips, a knowledge resource hub for Bridgeport’s school and community garden network, and a site of affordable produce through our twice-weekly neighborhood farm stand.

School Gardens
Students and educators flourish in GVI’s 23 edible gardens, located in nearly all of Bridgeport’s public schools. Skill-building workshops, lesson plans, and supplies are provided through our educator workshop series. Students enjoy their own school garden’s vegetables during annual “Harvest Days.” 

Urban Roots Community Gardens
Urban Roots is a network of neighborhood organic gardens dedicated to the nourishment and development of the entire Bridgeport community. In many cases, our gardens provide opportunities for Bridgeporters to grow food that is otherwise unavailable in the immediate neighborhood.

Youth Empowerment Program
Our Youth Empowerment Program annually engages over 20 youth from Bridgeport and nearby towns in a paid internship program focused on urban agriculture skills, food justice and creating positive change in the immediate community. Each year, youth interns take the lead in farm production, school garden support, community outreach and healthy food and gardening education. Urban-suburban barriers are broken down, cross-cultural experiences are shared and long-lasting friendships are forged.

Where We’re Going

Furthering Food Security  
Through our robust network of gardens and farms, thousands of residents access Bridgeport-grown produce in public school cafeterias, food pantries, neighborhood farm stands and their own garden plots.

Building Agriculture and Gardening Skills
GVI’s workshops and peer-to-peer learning increase healthy food production across the city. New partnerships with farmer’s markets and food pantries demonstrate the enthusiasm for Bridgeport-grown produce that spurs economic development opportunities for emerging food entrepreneurs.

Cultivating Young Leaders  
Our Youth Empowerment Program sustains our momentum through developing the talent of future social justice and environmental leaders. Out youth are energized by agriculture, community building and food justice. They are our growing power!

We thank you for your generosity. Visit our website at or contact for more information!