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Going Places

Going Places
CROWDRISE : Oct 25, 2017
Tax ID: 81-5267546
BASED: Mount Pleasant, SC, United States


Spread Joy

Our mission is to provide to disadvantaged kids and the people who serve them the most basic childhood right; a right to joy.

Going Places was inspired by a GoFundMe campaign that founder, Katie Blomquist created where she raised over $80,000 and got all 650 kids in her title 1 (low income, high poverty) elementary school a new bike, lock, and helmet. She was inspired to do this when a boy in her 1st grade class asked her for a bike for his birthday. Katie realized that she had these wonderful childhood memories of riding her own bike that she took granted and assumed all kids were also growing up having. Her campaign went viral because it hit the same cord in people. This idea of the lack of joy in some kids lives is simply unacceptable to Katie.

A bike provides kids with a sense of freedom and escape from a sometimes unpredictable and less than desirable home life, it provides them with a sense of ownership over something value when many of these kids have nothing that is truly theirs, and it provides them with a sense of childhood and innocence back in their lives when often many have had that taken from them due to a variety of reasons.

We need to raise $40,000 to get all 300 kids at Mt. Zion Elementary bikes, locks, and helmets (which Going Places custom creates with Affordabike, a Charleston local bike shop). Not only is the school located in a very rural part of Johns Island but 85%-95% of the kids live at or below the poverty line so when they get these bikes on May 1, 2018, their childhood will truly be transformed.

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Tax ID: 81-5267546 •


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