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The way my and my partner met, could be concidered an intervention - for those of you who believe in higher power in one way or another. And even for those of you who don't, it is a miracle people tend to talk about, a miracle nobody believes in, a miracle I would never have believed in myself, had it not happened to me.
My partner, my wife (even though we have not gone through the legal process of marriage) is 28 years older than me. We are sepparated by a distance of 6600 miles and though it seems that there are much more obstacles like difference in cultures and ages, my family (that will likely disown me after they find out), our health (she is an active agoraphobic and clinically depresses, I am passive-aggressive with co-dependency issues), our financial situation, the only thing that does lie between us is the 6600 miles that I've learned to hate and appreciate over time.
We have never met eye to eye (only during video calls), we had our share of dissapointments, heartbreaks, pain and hurt and despite all of it, I know there is nobody else I'd want to share my life with and she is worth traveling over teh ocean and flying over the mountains just for one kiss!
How many other couples are there like us, knowing they are one in amillion for each other, aching for the simple happiness of each others touch and yet kept apart by a ridiculous, humiliating law?!
So I decided to try and end this distance. And having tried almost everything there was available in my country, i relized there is not much I can do. My and her financial situation doesn't allow us to get a students visa for me so that I could get over there to study. Mind you study in a university that is in her town, there are unfortunately no scholarships for it that I am eligible to apply to, and believe me I have tried every possible one of them. So I am asking or your help. If you can donate even just a dollar, know that you have helped reunite a family. I am giving myself to the mercy of the unknown people and trust God to guide us out of this crisis.
Before you say that this cause is not worse donating, ask yourself, how much would you pay to be able to touch your loved one, hear their heartbeat, breathe in their skin, enjoy the simple pleasures in life and simply - be together, and how would you feel if YOU were kept apart by invisible bars of man made law?



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