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CROWDRISE : Aug 23, 2013
Tax ID: 46-0868998
BASED: Huntington, NY, United States



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Golden Paw Society is an exclusively charitable all volunteer run organization (501c3 tax-exempt) dedicated to the rescue of cats who have been in municipal shelters for an extended period of time and/or who exhibit a dire need of removal from the shelter setting.   We believe that no matter how old, sick or 'difficult' a cat may be, each cat deserves to be loved, cared for and given a second chance, and we endeavor to provide that second chance to those cats who need us most.

Golden Paw Society will intervene, if and whenever possible, to rescue homeless cats and other animals in dire need from other-than-shelter settings.

Golden Paw Society will see to it that each rescued cat is provided with medical care and emotional/physical rehabilitation. Each cat will be vaccinated, FIV/FelV/heartworm tested, spayed/neutered and receive veterinary care as needed.  All of our rescued cats will be provided with whatever is needed in order to prepare them for adoption into their forever homes.

Golden Paw Society is committed to finding quality forever homes for its rescued cats through diligent screening of potential adopters.

Golden Paw Society will use every opportunity to educate the public in responsible pet ownership and to promote spay/neuter programs in the community.  Furthermore, in order to dispel the myths associated with FIV (Feline AIDS), Golden Paw Society is committed to working to educate the public about FIV and to increase awareness of the abilty of FIV+ and FIV- cats to safely coexist.

Golden Paw Society is dedicated, through it's various services and programs, to ending the cycle of needless misery and death of cats and other companion animals caused by overpopulation, neglect, abuse and abandonment.  No part of this mission is possible without the generous support of others.

Tax ID: 46-0868998 •


Golden Paw Society, Inc.

Golden Paw Society, Inc.

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