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GRIN is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer non-profit organization, dedicated to finding forever homes for rescued Golden Retrievers, giving those displaced Goldens a new beginning. We also strive to provide public education on responsible dog ownership and care. Tax ID 34-1712705


About GRIN: GRIN was incorporated in 1992 by a group of Golden enthusiasts who recognized the need to find good homes for the countless Goldens and mixes thereof who are euthanized each year for a lack of a loving home with a caring family. We are proud to continue the work they began 25 years ago! We serve Northeastern and central OH, western PA and many outlying areas that do not have a local Golden rescue.


To date we’ve rescued and rehomed over 4,000 Goldens and Golden mixes, who came to us as strays, puppy mill babies or owner relinquishments, giving them a second chance at a very good life.


Where your Donation to GRIN Will GO: All tax-deductible funds raised will go towards the vetting of our precious rescues. We’re known in the world of rescue as an organization that welcomes dogs with extensive needs and often serious medical conditions, which means vetting dollars that may be in the several thousand per dog. Every dollar donated is significant and adds up.


Meet a Few Special Dogs


There was SULLIVAN who came to us as an unclaimed stray from an Ohio shelter. Estimated to be around 10 years of age, he was a hot mess medically! Frightened, unaltered, anemic, in need of surgery and maybe worst of all, x-rays indicate evidence of buckshot throughout his body meaning he had been shot. It’s no wonder he was very fearful and skittish. He recovered well from his surgery and was a trooper through his water therapy sessions. Total costs associated with Sullivan: $3,823.18. Worth every penny! His adopter adores him.


There was senior Joey. Blind, deaf, emaciated, horrible skin infections, and just overall very fragile. It was believed at intake that he had maybe 6 months left, but with lots of love, rest, and good nutrition, this guy made a miraculous turn around. He lived two and a half years in the best and most loving home going. Joey had lots of medical intervention, including a Bilateral Enucleation (removal of his eyes—he had very high pressure in them, causing this sweetheart a great deal of pain). Costs to give Joey an awesome few final years: $1,485.82.

Hansel and Gretel were left in the woods, both tied to a tree and found starving, weak and sick. They appeared to be littermates and were about three-years-old. Emaciated, Gretel weighed in at 34 lbs. and Hansel weighed 39 lbs. They had whipworms, roundworms, hook worms, ear infections and were anemic. A foster family stepped forward and took this bonded pair into their home, where they put on weight. Once cleared medically they were adopted to a wonderful family together. They’ve reported that they’re doing well and Hansel’s wagging his tail more, while Gretel loves playing with her ball. Costs associated with vetting these two: $1,767.00


We were contacted and asked to take in 10-year-old Noel from a shelter. She was a 44 lb. stray with fleas and a large mammary tumor that was the size of a softball, very bloody and vascular, just hanging from body. She also had a few broken teeth, a cough, was sneezing and had a moderate respiratory infection that grew to a pneumonia. She had surgery to remove the tumor, had a dental and the broken teeth were removed, as well as all necessary vetting required to get this spunky and happy gal on the road to health. She is in a terrific home and is enjoying life. Cost for Noel: $2,037.90


Bryn is one of our saddest and most horrific cases ever. We pulled this critically ill Golden mix from the shelter – they had called GRIN knowing we would take her under our wing regardless and do what we could to save her. She was emaciated, anemic, had severe eye infections, you name it...she was in bad shape (we add “graphic warning” to her picture). We had our vet partner do everything possible for her, but after one short week, they said her time had come, she developed serious pneumonia, and they felt it was the humane thing to have her cross the Rainbow Bridge.


This sweet Golden was not alone; our Vice President and our Medical Vice President were by her side and coddled and comforted her. We had hoped and prayed that she would experience the joy of a wonderful home, but we know she realized she had been rescued and was given attention, love and the best care possible. On her last day, she acknowledged those around her, and kissed a vet tech aiding her. She was grateful! Bryn's story touched so many people. Costs for making Bryn comfortable and know she was once again loved: $1,340.91


This Giving Tuesday, please make a donation to GRIN, and know that your generosity will make a difference in the lives of all of our Goldens.