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Tax ID: 95-3278302
BASED: Goleta, CA, United States



Our Mission

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 We make sure that the Senior Citizens in our community have a place to come and enjoy life

We make sure that the Senior Citizens in our Community have a place to come and enjoy life!  Nobody is ever turned away!!

Our Mission Statement reads;

"To encourage and promote community activities and non-profit organizations, including a full range of senior services and activities, by providing low cost meeting space and technical and directional assistance."

This is our story:  The Goleta Valley Senior Center is a place where seniors in our community from all walks of life can come and partake in the activities we provide.  I will list all of those activities at the bottom of this story.  We have seniors that are lucky enough to live comfortably, as well as seniors who are just barely getting by.  We have homeless seniors, and we have seniors who only spend a few months visiting family.  We have more Low Income Seniors attending our program than any other demographic, but I am not going to lie to you and say that all of them are hurting or struggling, however, the numbers are rising, as is the number of seniors we see come thru our doors.

We do ask the seniors who participate in our program to donate a membership fee of $10  a year to participate, but we do not turn them away if they don't have the extra $10.  Sadly, that extra $10 for some of our seniors is the cost of a vital Medication or food on their table. 

We have never in the 10 years that I have been apart of this program, ever turned away a senior because they didn't have the funds to allow them to participate.  Instead, we have figured out ways in which to come up with the money needed so that we could provide for who we call "our honored citizens".  If that means we have to hold a bunch of rummage sales, bake sales, any kind of sale we do it.  If that means I have to run another marathon (I am so not the greatest runner) than so be it, I will run and I hope that you will support me, so that we can then support these seniors who really do need the support of each and every last one of you.

One last thing for you to think about;

Can you imagine your mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, sitting at home alone day after day?  Are you sure they are eating hot, healthy meals everyday?  Do you know if they spending time with friends, being social, and enjoying their "Golden Years"?

At the Goleta Valley Senior Center, we can't imagine any senior home alone all day, or not having a hot nutritious lunch.  At the center, our seniors spend time with friends, and make new ones everyday.  They dance, play games, go on trips, and take classes.  We offer them free health screenings, legal aid and referrals.

We have much to offer the seniors of our community, but we need your help.  I encourage you to consider donating to this great center and helping us continue to provide for the seniors of our community.

Services we offer:  Legal Aid, Health Screening, Hot nutritious meals, Referrals,  Dancing, Aerobics, Live Music, Computer access, Bingo, Bridge, Games, Day Trips, Overnight Trips, exercise courses and so much more.

Thank You for considering supporting our center!!


Amy Mallett

Senior Director

Tax ID: 95-3278302 •


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