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CROWDRISE : Jun 18, 2015
Tax ID: 45-2459450
BASED: Redondo Beach, CA, United States


Rescue, Responsible.

Gone to the Dogs Rescue Inc.’s mission is to rescue and rehabilitate pets at risk of euthanasia at the highest-kill shelters in Southern CA. Vision By promoting the adoption option, we hope to make a positive impact upon the lives of homeless companion animals and ensure they are loved and treated as family members for the rest of their lives. Core Values Ethics- educated decision making based on inherent compassion, honesty, and altruistic intention to rescue homeless pets Transparency- Openness and respect, and a desire to help animals Accountability- responsibility for decisions, actions, and behaviors that affect the safety and wellbeing of our animals Education- Responsibility to educate the community regarding the importance of responsible pet Dedication- providing comprehensive veterinary care, rehabilitation with professional behaviorists and trainers, nutrition, and TLC in foster homes while continuing the rescue journey of finding their perfect home.

Founded in Hermosa Beach, CA in the South Bay of Los Angeles in 2011 by Marcella Janes RN MSN CCM. We KNEW we needed to help the endless amounts of homeless pets entering our local shelters daily.  We couldn't understand why one of the highest kill Los Angeles County public shelters was 10 minutes from homes worth over a million dollars. The irony left us with an even bigger desire to influence CHANGE. It's not enough to SAY, we needed to DO!

Our mission is to rescue the sick, the injured, the seniors, the forgotten, the invisible, the underdogs......and make them the best dogs they can be. We rehabilitate, care, and transform the once broken, into the most loved, and cherished family pets. We rescue, hands on, thoroughly paying attention to every detail, providing high quality veterinary care, nutrition, professional behavior training, foster homes filled with love, laughter and commitment. Then we concentrate on finding good homes with good people, celebrating their lives, remembering their stories, continuing their journey.

Gone to the Dogs Rescue is a TAX DEDUCTIBLE 501(c) 3 charity and registered non-profit animal rescue (CA Business registration # C3381246) and registered with the CA Office of Charitable Trusts since 2011, EIN 45-2459450. We are also a proud member of and have achieved a Gold Participant rating for transparency and efficacy!

Tax ID: 45-2459450 •


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Gone to the Dogs Rescue

Gone to the Dogs Rescue

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