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CROWDRISE : Aug 09, 2012
Tax ID: 80-0078694
BASED: Cincinnati, OH, United States


Building Healthy Futures

Gorman Heritage Farm is a 122-acre working farm and outdoor education center, inviting visitors to explore and learn the history, methods and values of a working family farm in a natural setting.


The mission of Gorman Heritage Farm is to promote the Gorman values of self-reliance, stewardship and service; to celebrate, through food and events, the culture and community of southwest Ohio; and to educate and inspire in equal measure the public, especially children, as to the importance of agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, and the environment in Building Healthy Futures.

Gorman Heritage Farm promotes:

Hands-on education for people of all ages, particularly local students, about agriculture, local habitats and the value of manual labor (through volunteering, internships and community service) as an essential pillar of American culture

The preservation of a distinct regional identity and local traditions, specifically the history of Gorman Farm and the values of the Gorman family that helped it flourish

An understanding of modern food systems and how sustainable agriculture, the consumption of locally grown food and responsible land use can support a healthy society

The entrepreneurial spirit that seeks new avenues for self-sustaining business opportunities

Community building that highlights the essential connections between people, land and meaningful labor.

Tax ID: 80-0078694 •


Gorman Heritage Farm

Gorman Heritage Farm

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Gorman Heritage Farm Foundation

Gorman Heritage Farm Foundat…

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