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Empower Africa International  is a volunteer-driven  
initiative  of The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc
a 501 C 3  non profit corporation based in Dallas
Texas (USA) . It aims to improve opportunities for
people in underprivileged communities of Africa  through
better education, health, sanitation and sustainable

Empower Africa Intl.  runs a range of projects which
rely on the support of volunteers from around the world.
Its varied work supports the principles of the
UN Global Compact and aims to fulfill the
Millennium Development Goals. 

Empower Africa Intl.  projects aim to lift people out of poverty by;

  • promoting education and reducing illiteracy
  • helping to eradicate child labor
  • promoting good governance, human rights, and energy and environmental policies
  • building skills to help individuals and communities fight the threat of poverty, for example, through the provision of microfinance  and  business training
  • fighting the spread of diseases, such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis through educating both communities and policy makers

A Little Can Do a Lot

At Empower Africa International we believe that you don’t have to be a professor or a student of international aid to make an impact in the fight against poverty in Africa. We believe that you have the power to make a difference and we strive to make it easier for you to live your passion and your principals, everyday.

With our creative fundraising campaigns, even a little can go a long way as you join our extensive network of friends and partners. We believe that innovation, from fundraising to international programs, is the key to empowerment both here and abroad.

You can support the Empower Africa International  valuable projects in East Africa in three different ways. 

 You can become a volunteer on an Empower Africa  project,

 you can partner with   Empower Africa  through sponsorship, or

 you can make a donation towards one of Empower Africa Intl. projects