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The Genesis Project Tax ID 26-0330950


The Genesis Project exists to offer hope for a new life to young women and girls involved in Domestic Minor Sex-Trafficking (DMST) in the South King County area.

There are three phases to The Genesis Project:

Phase 1: Rescue - Once rescued, victims will be able to utilize the 24 hour drop-in center to access hot meals, showers, laundry facilities, and a place to rest in a safe, stable environment. They will receive counseling and encouragement as well as access to any and all resources that are available through our other non-profit partners.

Phase 2: Renew and Restore - Referral to transitional housing that is already established. As funding is received we will build our own housing which will be long term and outside the normal areas of prostitution to offer normal living conditions in a loving environment.

Phase 3: Education and Release - After a victim has been enrolled in the long term housing we will offer them the option of taking classes from our educational facility. This facility will offer them the ability to get their GED as well as other Job and life skill training. They will be able to choose something that they are passionate about and upon completion we will assist them in job placement. Once released, they will receive support from the Genesis Project for as long as they wish.

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