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To Find and To Free


Mission To find and to free underage girls enslaved by child sex trafficking. 


Gracehaven was started in 2008 in answer to God's call to address the increasing plight of children in Ohio caught into sex trafficking and fill the void of response at that time. Gracehaven finds children entrapped in sex trafficking by working to educate every worker and agency across Ohio that daily encounters these victims to be able to identify children caught up into child sex trafficking. Gracehaven also finds victims within Ohio's Department of Youth Services by revealing the true nature of their manipulation and psychological coercion within child sex trafficking. Gracehaven finds girls at high risk of becoming entrapped in child sex trafficking by working with chronic runaways to help them understand the recruiting tactics of traffickers. 


Gracehaven frees girls enslaved by child sex trafficking by working to provide rehabilitation and restoration to every girl in Ohio seeking freedom from the psychological bonds of child sex trafficking. Gracehaven desires that every girl victimized by child sex trafficking in Ohio will be able to redeem the life that God has given them to impact their world for the good of others. As the lead organization in Ohio helping victims of child sex trafficking, Gracehaven serves as a model for developing organizations across the United States also called to provide restoration to these victimized children. Finally, Gracehaven will not be satisfied until every student in Ohio beyond the 6th grade understands the psychological manipulation used to recruit young girls into child sex trafficking so that they will not fall prey to traffickers.