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Addiction has destroyed families, incarcirated mothers, put women on the street and is trying to ruin our country. We may be a small organization but we are making a difference. The Grace House is helping women get clean and sober and self supporting. Our mission is to offer any woman the opportunity to recover from addiction and we are doing just that.

www.gracehousebrunswick.com Tax ID 27-1310602


The Grace House opened in 2009 in the historic district of Brunswick, GA. Like most cities there was a need for affordable, recovery housing for women who are trying to overcome alcohol and drug addiction. We have no fees for those with no money. There was no where for women to go that had no money. By God's Grace the Grace House opened and has since been full. We house 12 women at a time and supply them with everything they need from a beautuiful room to food and transportation. Our goal is to get women clean and sober and employed. We need your help. Space is limited and we need a bigger house. There is a tremendous need for sober living homes since addciton is epidemic in this counrty. Our success rate has been 50% remaining clean and sober after 9 months and 100% have obtained a job within 30 days of coming to our house. We are truly a home of God's love, grace and mercy. We need your help to purchase this bigger house.