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Milagros Ortega came to Grace to enhance her computer and professional development skills. Grace has given Milagros the confidence needed to achieve her goals and beyond. Milagros says, “I am truly grateful that I decided to attend Grace Institute. Today, I have enhanced by skills, and truly believe that I will obtain employment right after graduation.” Tax ID 13-1641069


At Grace Institute, we know what it takes to make it in today’s workplace.

That’s why we feed the personal while teaching the technical.

We nurture the already resilient characters of our amazing female students

To be even stronger and more determined than when they walked in the door

We do this because they want it

Women of Grace Institute are accepted here because they are determined

Determined to move from stuck to soaring

To be the best versions of themselves they can be

They want people to notice them,

to see their depth of conviction and their qualifications

To recognize the resilience as much as the resume

We at Grace Institute move women into and back into the workforce, yes

But it is the Grace women who inspire us to keep going

It is the Grace women who continue to amaze us

It is the Grace women who do the work

And these are women you want to work with

Because not only will they do the job

They will move you