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Gracie's Cancer Surgery Fundraiser

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If you have ever had the opportunity to meet Gracie, (my little yorkshiere terrier) you know that she is one of the most loving dogs this world has ever seen. Gracie’s energy and love of the outdoors is unmatched as could be seen on her regular trips to the outside world. At this point, Gracie can't go outside due to her medical condition, this is why your donation's (link to fundraiser is below) would help her get the surgery that she needs immediately, and help her recovery back to her normal lifestyle that she is use to. Without the surgery, Gracie's outlook is not very good. My being on disability doesn't leave me with other options, but to set up a fundraiser for my little girl.

 About a week ago I was sitting with Gracie on my sofa as she turned over for me to rub her belly. Gracie loves her belly rubbed. While rubbing her belly on this one particular afternoon, I felt a lump on her breast chain. I knew right then and there I had to call her vet for an appointment to have this lump checked out. During our visit to our regular vet, upon his examination of Gracie, he found two more areas on her breast chain as well, one area started to leak. I knew this wasn't a good sign and my heart sank as I began to cry inside. I wanted to be strong for Gracie, as she can sense when someone, especially me, her mommy is upset.

After her examination, our vet began to explain to me that he needed to do a complete workup of blood tests on Gracie and strongly suggested we book her in for Breast Chain Surgery right away. My heart sank even more, I thought, being a disabled pet owner, how am I going to get Gracie's Surgery and Care paid for. Disability, doesn't leave me with a whole lot of options.

Gracie's medical bills for the surgery and post op are going to cost over $1,500 and this is why I ask you today, if you can find it in your heart to help me, I would be forever grateful. Whatever you can donate will make a difference and Gracie is worth every penny.

Life without Gracie, I can't imagine. Her prognosis is great after she has the surgery, but if she doesn't have it, the prognosis will not be in our favor.

Any amount that exceeds my goal for my little Gracie will be donated to my favorite organization, Fairy Dog Parents a non-profit organization that helps many people with caring for their pet. At this time their funding is low, so they can not help me with Gracie's surgery. Now I want to give back to them as well through my fundraiser for my Gracie by donating the over my goal amount, so that they can help other's with their pet's.

Please help me with Gracie's Fundraiser and help me personally give back to this organization by going above the amount I need to raise for my little Gracie, and I can pay it forward to this organization.

Thank you and God Bless,

From my little Gracie and myself, Darlene



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Darlene is working on selecting a charity so you can support Gracie's Cancer Surgery Fundraiser.