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Graduation December 2016 Future RN

Organized by: Magdalene Ford

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Currently Nursing student mother of two with no support from family and All the odds against me. I started nursing school May 2015 at private school #1( coming in with credits which place graduation September 2016 ) ,homeless and up to this pont not knowing how am going to keep shelter. I knew coming into a competitive program it will not be a walk in the park therefore I prepared myself mentally(not being able to do things until I was finished )and sacrifice alot in order to have a better future. I take my education serious and I apply myself faithfully School #1 affected me mentally(am receiving counselor service through wellconnect),emotionally, physically(my health), a tremendous financial debt my financial aid is exhausted and my loans are increasing significantly. Instead of a learning experience(which it has been ) its more of a nightmare seriously. Nurse school is already difficult why add the extra unnecessary stress to the students. Some of the issues school # 1. The increase and added fee and materials that was not apart of the original enrollment process. 2. Making ways for students to have to repeat a semester stay longer-term in the school for example one class med surg is $4408 plus fee thats applied every semester depending on the class it can cost from $2500-$5500 plus fee tuition just for one class. So imagine repeating one class because you needed a 78% to pass but got 77.7% or 77.8%. Most nursing programs 75% to pass. You have 200 students take exam and 20 pass. A professor has about 180 student and tell students "only 30 of you will pass". On top of that the school request all student including juniors and seniors to purchase a IPad before returning September 2016 or find another school and the next option be charged a fee $25-40 every time you take a test or a quiz using ipad the school owns. Not right when the school has a couple of computer labs and IPad that students been using all this time to do quizzes and test on. And was not in original enrollment. Another unexpected expense. I know where ever you go it will be challenges and am not expecting a perfect school . But the injustice is not acceptable. 3. Students do not suppose to have a voice to speak up about the injustice if a student do that student/s are at great risk from being terminated from the program. 4. Students went from four quiz and four test and the final was worth 30%of the grade for the past three semester it has changed now its one test which is the final worth 90% of the grade and 10% from quizzes. The semester ended in August 2016 I knew something had to change and a decision had to be made before returning September 2016 but quitting wasn't an option. So I research my options most nursing school does not transfer nursing core classes especially in my case being so far into the program with just a one or few classes left depends on the school. I was losing hope and fear was growing. However I got accepted into school #2 Which have a better overall rating , pass rate and the tuition is so much cheaper (when I seen the price and compare I could have had a massive heartache because some much unnecessary money that one day I have to pay back.) But the down side my case is that its a cash school which doesn't take any kind of financial aid/loans which leads me to this point GoFundMe Most of all my credits are accepted beside Pediatrics Nursing because of the course description and the title school code. I will just have to take Pediatrics Nursing a few general education and science courses And composition which consist of preparation for the broads and exiting nursing program which place me for Graduation 2016. All tuition fees much be paid before exiting nursing program in order to apply for the boards. I Thank you all for your time and donations it is greatly appreciated. I am a story of hope,faith and determination for someone who have ALL the odds against them. This is a life experience and a lessons that will never be forgotten. I can see my goal and its at reach the storm is passing through and the sun is about to shine . The world's greatest future RN Graduation December 2016 Thank you!!


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