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When Charity Kulola’s husband threw her and her seven daughters out of their home in Kenya, she was desperate. Charity turned to Yehu Microfinance Trust, a microfinance institution that lends mostly to women, taking out a loan worth $64 in Kenyan shillings to open a stall where she could sell coconuts.

Charity worked hard, and her business grew. After she paid back her first loan, she got a second loan to begin selling vegetables. Additional loans helped her buy her own small shop. Thanks to their mother’s hard work and increased income, today all seven of Charity’s daughters are in school and have hope for a better future.

Grameen Foundation’s mission is to help those living in poverty – often on less than $1.25 per day – change their lives and break the cycle of poverty. We act as a “microfinance optimizer," helping microfinance organizations get the funds they need to make loans, become more efficient and effective, and recruit and train the best possible staff to serve more of the world’s poor. We also work with local and international partners to develop mobile phone-based solutions that address the devastating effects “information poverty” can have on people, enabling the poor to better manage their health, their crops, and their finances, and even to find new business opportunities.

Will you join us in the battle against poverty? By supporting Grameen Foundation with a gift of time or money, you can help empower women like Charity to create a better world for herself and her children. Learn more by visiting our website at the link above.

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