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Grand Canyon Trust

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Grand Canyon Trust has been working for twenty-five years to find solutions for life on the spectacular and fragile Colorado Plateau. We work to keep our air clean, nurture the delicate web of life that exists in this arid land, support traditional cultures, and preserve remote areas where a person can experience peace and solitude to escape the hubbub of daily life.

A vast land of canyons and mountains, the Colorado Plateau is the heart of the American West. Reaching 130,000 square miles along the Colorado River in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico, it's an iconic landscape filled with unique wildlife and ancient cultures. The Grand Canyon Trust is grounded in this place, working tirelessly since 1985 to protect the air, water and wildlife of its slickrock canyons, fragile deserts and forested mesas.

The Trust has a much broader interpretation of conservation than many organizations. We focus on issues that range from forest restoration, to water management, to renewable energy development, to sustainable economic development on the Navajo and Hopi reservations. We work on all of these issues because they are all connected and must be addressed together to ensure that our communities, rural economies, wildlife habitats, public lands and recreation areas remain vibrant and healthy.

We don’t have all the answers, but we do believe that we can bring people together, focus on places rather than ideological issues, have honest discussions about opportunities and challenges, and be willing to speak out when we hear about bad policies that will harm this extraordinary place. It is our hope to find solutions for living on the Colorado Plateau that help all forms of life flourish. This remarkable land is our home and we intend to celebrate and protect it.