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You Can Save Grandma Marcie and Rick from losing Everything

Organized by: Alice Smith

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First, thank you for taking the time to read my story.

It's not a happy one, but I hope to change that with your help. Hello and good day to you. My name is Alice Smith. I would like to talk to you about two of my wonderful friends, and see if maybe you can help me help them. They are Marcella Warner and her caregiver, Richard Quinn.

I do hope I hit on all the important parts and facts, so you get the whole picture of what Grandma Marcie and Rick are going through, and so you see the importance of their need for your help at this time and what I hope to achieve. I want to share with you their lives, and open up to you about my cause and mission.

Rick also wanted to do a fundraiser for the other elderly in our community. My mission after this, is to join him in that project if I can get your help in making this one work.

Grandma Marcie is an 89 year old lady who is very kind, caring and the sweetest person you would ever want to meet or befriend. She is both physically and medically unable to care for herself. Grandma Marcie has a pacemaker, has had a stroke, walks with a walker and is legally blind. She has not been able to live alone for over 5 years now, since the Doctor said she needed someone to live with her and provide 24/7 care.

Her current care giver Rick, was already her part time caregiver, Having met Grandma Marcie at dinners put on by Rick's Ex-wife's Grandmother. Grandma Marcie at the time needed help, and Rick offered to do a few repairs and help Marcie with her yard and home. Since the unexpected divorce came, Rick agreed to move-in and help Marcie part- time. Six months later, Grandma Marcie's Primary Doctor decided she needed full-time care. Grandma Marcie asked Rick to stay on full-time, with the verbal agreement with her son, that he would pay Rick monthly for her care. The agreement was for room and board, and $200 a day for the first year, and $250 a day for the following years. This was a verbal agreement that Grandma Marcie's son has not lived up to since day one.

Rick cooks all the meals, does all the house work, laundry, yard work, and makes home repairs when needed. He takes Grandma Marcie to and from her Doctors appointments, church, social events, and excursions with his 7 year old daughter who has called her Grandma Marcie, as she has been around her since she was 1.5 years old. Hence, why we all call her Grandma Marcie.

Rick keeps in contact with Grandma Marcie's Doctors. He manages and distributes her medications, and monitors her use and reactions. Rick is doing both what a CNA and an RN do for a living, and everything else too. He has also helped Grandma Marcie over the last 4 years, to lose weight from 250lbs. down to 150lbs. As well as, keeping her blood pressure lower and keeping her active.

Money wise, Grandma Marcie put Ricks name on her credit cards so he could do her shopping, pay bills, etc. Rick agreed to this without ever thinking she was only paying the minimum, and building up dept on the cards rather then paying them off. This led to problems, and when Grandma Marcie's eyes became to bad for her to do the bills, she asked Rick to take over. This is when the credit cards were stopped and Rick realized that they were behind in everything, and in more dept then he could pay. Rick had tried to get Grandma Marcie's Balloon Mortgage refinanced to a fixed mortgage. This failed. He also tried to consolidate all the debt. But was turned away here as well. Rick has cut all the expenses he can down to bare bone.

That was a little over two years ago now, and Rick has done nothing but try to pickup the pieces and is always stressed over the financial issues. It is really hard on him, because he takes it all on himself. Grandma Marcie knows the situation, of course he tells her whats going on, but he tries not to burden her with worry all the time. He says "That's part of my job, my god she's 89. She deserves to enjoy her later years, not worry about everything. She did what she did because she thought, as did I, that her son would come around and live up to the agreement and we would be able to take care of it. But, that never happened. Sadly when we spoke to him and repeatedly tried to get him to pay, he just managed to make excuses not to, and would get belligerent and make threats about having me removed and Marcie in a facility. Which of course upset her because she wants to stay in her home.".

Grandma Marcie has lived in her home since her and her husband built it in 1958. This home is all she has, and with the financial problems, Rick is unable to repair many things in the house. There are plumbing leaks, electrical issues, and the roof is now starting to leak. Slowly things are building up and getting worse.

They rely on a 2001 Honda Civic Rick owns for transportation. The car has almost 250,000 miles on it and many problems. Rick has had to spend almost $2000 in the last two years to keep it running, and it is still in need of repairs. Due to the credit issues, Ricks credit as well as Grandma Marcie's, are so damaged, he can't even afford to replace it.

To make matters worse. Rick is divorced, and not being paid, means he cannot pay his child support. Another stress he suffers. Now it is even a threat to his Drivers License, as the State will revoke it if he doesn't pay his child support.

So here I am, asking anyone to help Grandma Marcie and Rick. They are two of the best people I know, and they really need your help. I want to raise $200,000 to give them the ability to save and repair Grandma Marcie's Home, and give her caregiver the ability to continue caring for Her. You can help save the house from forclosure.

Give online: Making a donation through this site is easy and secure. It is not necessary to create an account to donate.

Even if you can’t afford to donate any money at this time you can be a great help by sharing this information and passing along the link to this web site to others who may be able to help and simply help spread the word.



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