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GRANDMOTHER needs SAFE home for Grandkids

Organized by: Tammi Cline

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Please, I need out, to get stable, and to help keep my grandkids safe!! Too many recent unfortunate, and uncontrollable circumstances have stranded me at my daughter's home and I have discovered her boyfriend is an alcoholic and an abuser! I have walked on eggshells my whole life and as a 52 year old woman, I need it to stop, to be away from it, and to pray my daughter finds the strength to get out of it! and I'll be damned if I will allow ANYONE to jeopardize, degrade, or make my grandchildren feel afraid and unsafe in their own home!!! I need my life back after a very hard year in which I lost my mother to cancer and several dear friends, then lost the home I was renting due to the landlord's foreclosure for an apparent decade of unpaid property taxes and house payments...his negligence forced me out to the streets with 3 rescue cats, that have become my family, and nothing but an old Chrysler car for shelter with no safe place to park it. Let me back up a little here please...I grew up at the hands of an extremely abusive father who beat myself and my sister often and several times a week. It didn't come from a hand, it came from thick hard leather police belts, cords, police batons, hangers, thick tree limbs...there were no switches, no hands, no paddle boards..we got extremes! Severly beaten, then kicked by heavy police boots until our bruises had bruises....and if we couldnt get up, or move fast enough, we were beaten again for just being in the way. Nothing we did mattered, even the good, but the bad had unimaginable consequences. I always seem to think back to one particular day when we watched him dig a "glorious" "swimming hole", he said, "for us", only to wonder why it was so brown, dirty, and smelled funny. He insisted we swim in it, since he spent "so much time on it!" We didn't want to because it just didn't look very appealing to us, even as kids. He picked us up and threw us in it ...and on many many occasions thereafter, refusing to let us out, until we "swam" in it for what he thought was a sufficient amount of time...we never learned until quite some time later, that what he had dug, was a sewer hole for repairs!! He was exremely mentally and physically abusive, he covered things well and it really was beyond anyone's normal range of thinking or understanding. He was a Police Officer as well and very respected. My sister ran away at 14, was caught and placed in a juvenile facility, leaving me alone to deal and I remember so much but there's still so much I tucked tightly away. One particular day, I came home from school to find my bed was gone and in its place, was a sofa bed that a family friend had passed away on and he wasn't discovered for nearly 2 weeks! I scrubbed that sofa until my hands started to bleed but I could still smell death. I was forced to sleep on that bed from then on and if I didnt, I was beaten for the defiance. I buried myself in a job and in extra activities as best i could, graduating with highest honors. I thought he'd be proud. It didnt matter and only set my bar higher so when I fell below it, not only was I beaten by him, I beat myself up worse. I made mistakes and didn't always make the right choices in later life but I always did what I thought was right at the time, raising 4 great kids of my own alone, always teaching them to be strong, stand up for right and wrong, and yo be independant and compassionate. I was never an addict, alcoholic, thief, or bad person and Ive always been the one to stand up for others and I always will be until the day I'm gone! This punk living with my daughter has her completely delusional now and caught in his circle of disturbing violence. He has lowered her esteem to nearly nothing and degrades her, myself, and the kids whenever he thinks he can. He has blackened both her eyes, spit in her face, tells her how worthless she, and that he hates her.. still she "doesn't understand" and won't listen to anything I say. im told to mind my own business! This comes from my daughter who has always been a very strong, stubborn, independant woman!! He has broken her and taken literally everything!! This is her world though for now and what shes chosen for some reason but it's not mine and the kids shouldn't be subjected. She now has one son with him along with her 2 others, that he has said he doesn't like, never has, and has referred to them using many vulgar words. He has destroyed their things and breaks their pictures.  As for me, I would rather live in my car again...anywhere but here but I will not leave my grandkids here unprotected, or underprotected!!  My blood literally starts pumping in hyper mode and my blood pressure hits the roof when he starts his shit!!  I instantly go into wildcat, mother bear mode and jump in the middle so he cannot harm anyone but me...He has threatened several times to "slice my throat" and " blow my head off"....and I will die for my kids at any moment but what i need is the help to get into a home of my own again so i can have a place for my grandkids. They are my world!!  My blood pressure is off the charts on a daily basis now and I cannot live like this anymore and just waiting for a heart attack! nor can I allow them to grow up in this unpredictable, destructive, and demeaning environment. My daughter needs help that she doesn't think she really needs right now but that change can only come from her to help her situation and all I can do is pray to God everyday, that this inhuman animal doesnt kill her first. I have to think of my grandkids and provide a safe place and I do not want them being taken by the state!! This situation and all the stress has critical potential and consequences and I must make a change fast for myself and my babies and I can't do it on my own, I need help. Deposits, fees, moving expenses are more than I can handle alone and time is not something I can afford to waste right now. Anything helps and a hand up would be a true gift to change.


Organized by

Tammi Cline

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