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Help support Grant A Wish, Inc one of the nation's oldest wish organization founded in 1981.Grant A Wish, Inc grants wishes to needy, disabled and abused children. We operate 5 programs to enrich economically disadvantaged families with our services. Tax ID 36-3322656


We are always working to make a difference in someones life with our programs. Help support Grant A Wish, Inc by making a donation today. It really not the amount that you give, it is that you give. We all can help someone, somewhere, somehow if we make an efforts to give alittle collectively it adds up. Grant A Wish since its inception in 1981, has granted over 100,000 wishes to families for their children. Continue to support our efforts and get involved to help provide                                " GIFTS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE ".                        

It is you that can change the world, if you don't give to us, give to somebody somewhere to make your power be felt.

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