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2016 Annual Giving

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The Story

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Dec 31, 2016

Dear Friends - Gordon and Kristen Gray from Pacific Palisades, California were given the devastating news this year that both of their beautiful daughters have been diagnosed with a neurodegenerative brain disease called Batten CNL6.  This rare brain disease is fatal and there is currently no known cure.  The Gray family and their many close friends have refused to accept this fate.  They have worked tirelessly to put together a medical research team of experts that have been working around the clock on a new treatment that could stop the progression of the disease and save their daughters.   While there is current optimism amongst the medical researchers, there is an enormous amount of work to be done and incredible costs associated with this project.


As such, the Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation was created to fund the urgent medical research necessary to save the lives of the Gray girls and other children devastated by this incurable disease. Batten Disease is an incredibly rare and fatal neurodegenerative brain disorder and due to its rarity, the disease has received very little funding. 


Please join us in supporting this family, by making a donation now to one of the teams below or by leveraging our collective reach and creating your own family, personal or business listing page.  With all of our combined efforts, we are confident we can to raise enough money to find a cure in time to save Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray.  Thank you in advance for your participation.  




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Gray Girls Annual Giving

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