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We want to inspire and engage fathers from all walks of life to be an active father, serve as an idea exchange group on parenting and life in general as being a great dad is a lifelong proces Tax ID 46-3235997


Our mission is to change the world by providing pre/post natal educational programs that will ensure every child has an engaged father.  Specifically, we want to inspire expectant fathers to read to the womb which will get them more involved during pregnancy and help create a strong bond with the mom-to-be and their children. It is our goal to nurture this bond and create a culture where the idea of a man reading to the womb is an instinct and not just a good idea.  We will promote this cultural change by setting up a Great Dads Society educational program, distributing one of our member’s book “Hello MY Little One, It’s Me Your Father” to birthing professionals & organizations. We will also be certified to teach Daddy Boot camp classes, free of charge in urban areas, as our way of giving back to the children and community at large. There is an online support group for fathers of all ages through this website and various social media channels.  We are passionate about this as we believe that being a great dad is a lifelong process and that every child deserves an engaged father.

Pillars of Fatherhood:
Honesty –
our word is our bond, be true to each other and most of all to your children.

Empathy –
we are all in this together, our experiences will bind us as brothers and empower us as fathers.

Accountability –
children are our future, it is the responsibility of us as men to ensure that children of all means and circumstance have a father. We are going to hold each other responsible as Great Dads and teach our children to take responsibility for their actions.

Respect –
children learn what they see, be a man who earns respects and shows respect.

Trust –
honesty breeds trust, strong family values are built on both.

HEART! Nobody ever said being a parent is easy, but as long as you use your heart and love, you are a Great Dad.