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Great Old Broads for Wilderness gives voice to the millions of older and not so able Americans who wish to see our wild public lands protected for future generations. Broads has increased the feminine voice in the wild lands dialogue by encouraging older women to value their years of experience and assume leadership roles to advocate for protection of wild lands. We wisely focus our attention and resources where we believe we have the best opportunity for success and/or where there are few others to speak on behalf of wild nature. Any place there is wild public land that deserves protection or that is threatened by some use/agency action, Broads might jump into the fray.

We are national in scope and membership but we are a relatively small, albeit feisty, organization with limited staff and resources so we must carefully assess and choose where we will expend our resources. One of our strengths is that we are lean and nimble enough (not words usually associated with little old ladies!) to react quickly and meaningfully to sudden opportunities for action. From protesting the Bush Administration’s rollback of the snowmobile ban in Yellowstone National Park to a group of Broads preventing the “Shovel Brigade” in Jarbidge, NV from opening a closed forest road, we can muster our members to action in short order and make meaningful contributions to land protections.

We work towards our land protection goals with many other conservation partners adding to, rather than duplicating, their efforts and campaigns. You will find our unique image and voices adding depth and breadth to their work while attracting media attention and pushing back against the notion that old people “need/want” more motorized access.

Best of all, Broads bring our own brand of FUN to the conservation movement. As columnist Molly Ivins often reminded us, “You got to have fun if you plan on staying involved for the long haul.” Great Old Broads for Wilderness is definitely in for the long haul.