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Planning for the first annual mountain climbing trip to raise money and awareness for the uphill battle that Veterans face when transitioning from the military has begun, be the first to support us as we tackle Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa!  Our goal will be to raise a dollar for every foot climbed (its 19,341' high) and we are hoping to "climb" the mountain several times over with donations!!!

I'm going to need all the help and support I can get as most of this fundraiser will be conducted from Afghanistan until I get back stateside, not worried though I know that there are some amazing people on this site willing to step up, spread the word and make magic happen for those in need. 

Continuing on with our ever so successful Push4Likes campaign... simply put the more Likes our fanpage gets on Facebook ( the more pushups I do... look for our weekly videos to keep up with just how much time I spend with my face in the dirt because of your amazing support!  We are nearing in on 5k Likes and the halfway point to our goal of 10k!!!

Green Collar Vets is a 501(c)3 Organization whose mission it is to coordinate skill development, education and employment opportunities in emerging green industries for U.S. military veterans.