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CROWDRISE : Aug 11, 2014
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BASED: Taylors, SC, United States


Biblical Integrity

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary is a biblically grounded institution committed to the doctrines of historic Presbyterianism and the Reformed Faith.

If you have an interest in supporting an educational institution that refuses to compromise with the theological trends of the day, we hope you will join our international team of supporters and help underwrite this critical institution.


Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary is committed to equipping powerful, articulate proclaimers of the Good News of Salvation revealed in God's Holy Word, as articulated in the Westminster Standards. If you are considering Greenville Seminary as a worthy recipient of your supporting resources, you are likely someone who highly values the commitment which we share to the timeless truths of the Holy Scriptures and the doctrines of faith and life which the Protestant Reformation rediscovered and systematized from God's Word.


Theological education that provides preachers with the tools and weapons to stand against the spirit of the age and the deceits of the ages requires worthy scholarship and the resources necessary to provide that scholarship. Greenville Seminary is dedicated to offering our students an exemplary faculty, useful learning resources and facilities conducive to study.


Our model of intimate learning requires small classes, meaning that we cannot depend on tuition alone to meet our financial needs. Indeed, some 70 percent of our material support must come from Christians who share our values and the sense of urgency we have to stem the tide against liberalism and compromise. We depend upon donations from individuals, churches, and church bodies for our operating budget, capital needs and student scholarships. While we are pleased and humbled to receive both small and large one-time gifts, a key to meeting our need for a reliable stream of income in seasons of plenty and of want is found in long-term and recurring pledges of support.


Please join our team of ambassadors and reach out to your network of likeminded friends and colleagues to underwrite this ministry. Click the Fundraise for your Charity icon above to create a GPTS fundraising project of your own. Then invite your contacts to come along.

Tax ID: 57-0833937 •


GPTS Advancement Initiative

GPTS Advancement Initiative

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