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Introduction: S.Kumar’s Agri Business Corporation was promoted by Mr. O.Santha Kumar Reddy in the year 1998 and has worked with various Agro related organizations and gained vast experience & knowledge in Agriculture and allied Sectors. Also participated in various National & International Seminars & Workshops since 1995 and gained enough experience & knowledge in the area of Medicinal, Aromatic & Natural Dyes & Gum yielding plants.

We have actively participated in organizing the National Level Seminar with the help of experts from various fields by name “MEDIPLAROMA 2000” in Hyderabad during 18th - 21st May,2000 in interest of the A.P. Farmers. We have developed a model Medicinal, Aromatic & Natural Dye Yield Plants Nursery cum Demo Project in the year 2003 at NIRD, Hyderabad. In addition to the above we have organized various Workshops, Field Visits & Exhibitions.

Promoter's Back Drop: Worked as Territorial Manger for South India in Media Today Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi since 1996-1998 which is a popular Media house publishing various agriculture related trade journals such as Floriculture Today, Processed Food Industry, SAARC Oils & Fats Today. He also worked for Agro India and Agriculture Industry & Survey during the same period. As an active social worker participated in various Social Service Activities. Currently is an Executive Committee Member of H. M. A, Hyderabad, AP {Hyderabad Management Association}, Governing Body Member of SURE, Hyderabad {Society for Urban & Rural Entrepreneurship}, Lions Club Member and Founder President cum Managing Director of GUESS {NGO}.

Objectives of S.Kumar’s ABC: Established with an aim to introduce innovative sustainable agriculture related business concepts such as Commercial Propagation of Aromatic, Herbal & Medicinal Plants, Natural Dye s & Gum Yielding Plants resulting in SMC, NRM, NPM, Environment & Vegetative Measures, Dry Land Development, Commercial Agro Forestry Activities etc.

Current Business: This firm has been registered in the year 2002 with APEDA & Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India and has Import & Export License for export of various Herbs & Natural Dyes. It is also registered with HACA Ltd. and it has got market tie up with HACA Ltd. for supply of Henna Seeds & Plant Material. Through our channel partners we produce 10 Million Plants yearly and have widespread net work from right sources for the supply of good quality Henna seeds.

Way Forward: Having a vast experience in the said field we would like to expand the crop area up to 50,000 Hectares of Henna Bio Fence @Rs.50,000/- per Hectare. The expanded crop area would facilitate us with raw material for proposed henna value added products industry. We are in the process of setting up of value addition industry for producing the henna based Liquid Natural Dyes and as well Natural Dye Powders.

Why?: Natural dyes are pro environment and obtained from renewable resources which have no health hazards are traditionally have been used since ages to impart color to textiles, hair, walls, caves, canes, leather, wood, food and cosmetics. There is renewed interest in the application of natural dyes throughout the world today, as eco-friendly norms become stringent and the awareness about protection and preservation of environment grows day by day. The entire world is facing the side effects of synthetic & chemical products.

There has been increasing interest in natural dyes, as the public are aware of health issues, ecological and environmental problems related to the use of synthetic dyes. Due to ever increasing demand for natural dyes we are propagating top rated natural dye yielding Henna Crop on commercial scale for sustainable income & employment generating means. Keeping in view the multi advantages we have initiated a sustainable, pro environment & climate resilient Henna Bio Fence Concept to cater the domestic & global market needs.

How?: The firm has already acquired sufficient land for setting up its own manufacturing facility. In view of the Domestic & Global demand for natural dyes it is proposed for commercial propagation of Rajani variety Henna Bio Fence Plantation which is top rated natural dye yield plant amongst all the vegetable dyes. Henna has good demand as a raw material for Hair & Skin Care Industry, Cosmetic, Shampoo, Bridal Beautification & Tattoo Industry, Textile, Handlooms & Leather Tanning Industry, Organic Pesticide Industry, Shoe Polish, Toys Making & Natural Holy Colours Manufacturing Industry.

Who?: The farmers are suffering a lot due to frequent drought situations, depletion of ground water, shortage of power supply etc. Keeping in view the above social & economic issues, plantation of sustainable income generating top rated natural dye yielding Henna bio fence so as to protect the crops and to improve the income levels of the farming community. With this concept there will not be any crop loss due to pests, isolation and animal invasion. The departments of Agriculture, Forests, Horticulture, Rural Development etc. have approved for adaptation of this Henna Bio Fence Concept in Andhra Pradesh.

Business Proposal: In light of the above multi beneficial advantages we have initiated this project attached with value addition industry in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The estimated investment would be approximately Rs.50 Crores towards crop area expansion, processing center and related infrastructure. The capital recovery time frame would be around 5-6 years. The detailed project report will be submitted after hearing from you for sanction of the required funds. Further discussions can be had in relation to the marketing activities concerned to international opportunities. We request for a quick response in this regard to make this sustainable pro environment project successful.

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