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CROWDRISE : Sep 01, 2015
Tax ID: 46-4312265
BASED: Los Angeles, CA, United States



Our mission is to improve long-term health and wellness in low-income communities by creating a network of educational support groups and enhancing access to healthy, unprocessed foods.

The Groceryships Strategy


Did you know that low-income communities like South Los Angeles have a childhood obesity rate that’s 173% higher than affluent communities like Beverly Hills and the Pacific Palisades?  On top of that, life expectancy is 10 years lower.  With limited food budgets, limited access to healthy food, less knowledge about nutrition, and less time to spare, these families disproportionately suffer from diet and food-related health issues.


Groceryships is tackling this macro issue in a micro way. At the core of everything we do is ONE simple idea:




Our mission is to improve long-term health and wellness in low-income communities by providing Groceryships; which, essentially, is a scholarship for groceries.


We provide families with the money to buy fruit, vegetables, grains, beans and seeds for six months, and also provide a comprehensive program of education and support to empower them to increase their overall health by incorporating more of these healthy foods into their diets. We believe the ability to eat nutritious food and maintain a healthy weight shouldn’t be a luxury for the upper classes, but rather a human right shared by all. We’re committed to turning this belief into a reality, one family at a time.


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Tax ID: 46-4312265 •


Fight Obesity Through Food Education in South Los Angeles

Fight Obesity Through Food E…

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47% Raised of $10,000 Goal