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Groovability Inc. (Non-viewable)

Groovability Inc. (Non-viewable)
CROWDRISE : Apr 29, 2013
Tax ID: 26-1542130
BASED: Kansas City, MO, United States


Groovability Inc. (Non-viewa...

Don't Forget to Dance

"May we have this dance?" Groovability exists to respond to the need for alternative dance and fitness programs for the disabled community in the Kansas City area.

Our mission is to provide the art of dance and dance fitness to individuals with physical disabilities and their non-disabled partners. This improves quality of life in three main ways: through physical exercise, increasing range of motion, flexibility and physical strength; through creative thought to feed the mind, and through social skills designed to break the barrier between disabled and non-disabled communities.

Tax ID: 26-1542130 •


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