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Grow Food Where People Live - Polk County, North Carolina

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Few places in the United States face greater challenges to human and economic development than Western North Carolina (WNC). Food insecurity affects over 100,000 citizens in WNC. For low-income families living in “food deserts” where readily available food is empty of nutrients and high in calories, a lack of healthy food leads to weight gain, obesity and expensive chronic diseases. In Polk County, NC, for instance, over 50% of elementary school students do not get enough to eat at home, while nearly a quarter of the county’s population is obese.


The good news is that many individuals and organizations are beginning to reach out to meet the food needs of WNC residents. A groundswell of farmers, gardeners, activists, and eaters in communities around the world have shown us how to rebuild local food systems and strengthen community self-reliance. Grow Food Where People Live (GFWPL) works to:


  • Improve access to fresh, healthy food for vulnerable families
  • Create strong rural livelihoods
  • Strengthen the local food economy; and
  • Build community connections


In 2015, we began creating community micro-farms (small farms established, for example, on the grounds of an apartment complex or in place of a parking lot) in the most vulnerable areas of the county while teaching gardening, cooking, and food processing and preservation skills that provide families with more self-reliance and save them money. Within the next three years, GFWPL will scale upon its initial successes and publish a a detailed plan to facilitate replication of this project and expand throughout the region.

Your support will help to launch the community’s next round of micro-farms this spring, providing for the new seeds, plants, soil, raw materials, and equipment needed to establish a sustainable agricultural system. Together, we can improve the health of every individual in the community and strengthen the local economy by teaching and empowering people to grow food where they live.

This campaign will account for multiple dimensions of impact, looking to improve not just food quantity, but food quality and food availability for all people, as well as underlying issues behind food insecurity such as struggling local economies and lack of quality markets in impoverished areas. Growing food where people live will help vulnerable families who are of low income become more self-sustaining. To begin this vision, there are essential items that are needed for the establishment of these micro-farms. Our goal is to raise atleast $5,000 by early April to provide the essentials of a new community farm.




Give the gift of healthy living

  • $25 provides plants starts for one family garden
  • $50 funds a basic tool set (hoe, digging fork, rake)
  • $75 covers the cost of a workshop (gardening, canning, cooking, etc.)
  • $100 builds a wheelchair-accessible raised bed for a family
  • $250 allows an individual to attend gardening, cooking, & life-skills classes for a year
  • $500 creates a kitchen garden for a family
  • $1,000 provides drip irrigation for a Community Micro-Farm
  • $500 creates a kitchen garden for a family


Give the gift that will continue to give

The seeds planted in Polk County are part of a larger movement that seeks to end food insecurity all across the Southeast.  Over the next three years, Groundswell will continue to advance and improve the micro-farm movement. The end goal is to create a sustainable program that can be studied and replicated in other regions of the US that face similar issues of food insecurity. 



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