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Grow Foundation Inc

In giving time or funds to recreation, we offer the opportunity to volunteer and provide physical and mental wellness in our community.  We grow. Tax ID 20-8964359


executive summary

grow FOUNDATION, Inc. will support physical and mental wellness in the Brillion Community by giving funds and resources to organizations creating or continuing activities that promote an active, engaged and healthy community. We will support activities offering volunteer opportunities, donate or assist in raising funds for community assets, and provide support, as we are able to local event sharing our interests.

We, grow FOUNDATION Inc., values physical and mental health, volunteerism, and community service.



We reinstated the 501(c)3 foundation that was originally started by Joann Mignon, Lindy Bergund, Renee Bonick, James McGrath, and Heather Gruett.  They had a mission to support activities that advance recreational sports and wellness in the City of Brillion and surrounding communities.  We are expanding on this idea to not only support recreation and fitness wellness, but to include volunteerism and mental wellness as well. 



Giving.  In giving of money and time, you are committing to change, to grow.

Recreation.  Everyone benefits physically and mentally with available indoor and outdoor activities for all of the seasons of the year.

Opportunity.  We will provide opportunities for volunteerism by implementing service projects with all age ranges to enhance and promote our communities.

Wellness.  By having areas to go and workout, relax, work on, or improve, we will be promoting physically and mentally fulfilling life purposes, thus creating more of a community and a sense of identity.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and by working together, we can all learn and grow.