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CROWDRISE : Sep 17, 2015
Tax ID: 46-1755293
BASED: San Francisco, CA, United States


Food builds communnity

Growing Up Farms is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to empowering communities and individuals with the knowledge and skills to make better food choices and take control of where their food comes from.

What We're Doing: We have built and operate an indoor, urban, aquaponics farm. We use this facility to train individuals and organizations to build their own facilities in their own neighborhoods and thus take control of their food supply.

How We Are Doing It: We provide year-round employment opportunities in the agriculture industry to produce food locally. We sell the food to restaurants and the public to support our education and training programs.

Why We Are Doing It: Connecting people to their food results in better food choices and better nutrition. Local food reduces the amount of energy it takes to move food from the farm to the dinner table. Urban agriculture brings food jobs to neighborhoods that need them and provides increased food security to urban areas.

Tax ID: 46-1755293 •


Realizing  our potential

Realizing our potential

Amount Raised:



51% Raised of $65,000 Goal

Aquaponics in the classroom!

Aquaponics in the classroom!

Amount Raised:



6% Raised of $50,000 Goal