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Guardian Angels are known as a dynamic volunteer group – where you don’t sit around and wait for things to happen but we MAKE things happen. We have spread tremendously since starting on 15 January 2010, in Nelspruit –which is our biggest branch. In our first two months our volunteers grew from 14 to 78 volunteers.
We were nominated for the Community Service Award by LCBT, Nelspruit in October 2010 at their Annual Awards Ceremony. As a runner up we were awarded R10 000 in recognition of our work.
Our article appeared in the October 2010 edition of JOY magazine, explaining how we started.
Celebrating our 1 year birthday (15 Jan 2010) we had a grand opening of our Head Office, just outside Nelspruit Mpumalanga and our Charity Shop.
In September 2011 we won the Local Here's competition through Nedbank Nelspruit and was awarded R10 000.
On Tuesday 17 April 2012 we opened our first Elderly Day Centre in a rural area outside Nelspruit, in Daantjie.
We have a long list of supporters in Nelspruit. All our office furniture, photo copier, printers, white boards, donation bins, shelving and chairs were donated by businesses in Nelspruit. Companies have selected us as their Charity of the year to support. The SPAR group is our biggest fan and we are very grateful to this very generous business that assists us in most of our branches.
Our main focus is on helping the elderly located in their own residential homes. Each town’s committee will decide where they feel is the greater need. Some towns play bingo once a week – but that suits the area.
Amongst visiting, we entertain, and do fund raisers. So depending on the town – the branch will adapt to that area – within reasonable limits and keeping to our objectives. The elderly register with us and complete our “I need an angel form” and also sign our indemnity form for future. Families are encouraged to know the cell number of the allocated volunteer in case of emergencies and also to discuss anything of concern.
Volunteers are mostly allocated by taking in consideration things like language, race, area they live etc. Time is taken to allocate the right volunteer to the right elderly – this can sometimes take 3 - 4 months.
We have a huge need in White River. Our branch is unique in that we also help needy elderly with food parcels and gift vouchers. This is becoming increasingly more difficult, as our funds run out.
We currently want to help one of our elderly gentlemen named Faan who has great difficulty in walking with an electric wheelchair. A good quality reliable chair can cost anything between R15 000,00 and R25 000,00.

We also have a need for financial aid to help extremely needy elderly people in our immediate community. Currently we have (And we shall just use first names) Maureen, and elderly lady supporting het 40 year old son on a state pension. We also have Rina, and elderly lady living on her own who at last visit was living on half a steamed gem squash per day. Then we have an elderly couple, Renata & Ditmar living on a farm with an income from Europe totaling to R1300. We also have Ona, en elderly lady doing huge amounts of work for the Lord at her own cost. She supports a mentally handicapped man living with her on her state pension as well. To be able to give them each a R500 voucher every month we would need at least R2500,00 per month and it would cost us R30 000,00 per year.

We then also try and assist two elderly ladies with their medical expenses. Tiny suffers from a very rare illness that affects the mucous membranes in her mouth, nose, and digestive system. Her mouth is lined with ulcers and she basically lives on super liquidized food and custard. The food supplements drink she needs costs R40 per 250ml bottle, of which she needs at least 3 per day to give her the nutrition she needs. Ona is also in desperate need of financial aid for her and Deon (The handicapped man she supports).

We also have an outreach program in Ncitini, Daantjie Trust in Kanyamazane. There we have just over 80 elderly people with needs varying from food to medication, wheelchairs, crutches and even adult diapers. We have 12 volunteers helping at this outreach program, but they are in huge need of financial aid. Just to serve a weekly meal to the elderly members in Ncitini costs in excess of R4000 per week.



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