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CROWDRISE : Feb 04, 2016
Tax ID: 27-1505885
BASED: Baltimore, MD, United States


Our Mission

"...The only weapon we have against [pornography], the ONLY one, is GuardYourEyes..." ~ Rabbi Abraham J. Twersky, MD

The Guard Your Eyes organization ( has been relatively unknown until recently, but with the expansion of its efforts and proven success, it is becoming known throughout the Jewish world today as the number one resource for dealing with the growing problem of the struggle with/addiction to inappropriate materials on the Internet and related behaviors in our communities.

Fueled mainly by the accessibility and anonymity of the Internet, this affliction has spared no class of Jews all across the religious spectrum. This widespread problem is destroying more peoples’ marriages and Yidishkeit than almost anything else today. Many of the social ills afflicting the Jewish community today such as youth-at-risk, broken marriages and even child abuse and molestation can be traced back to this issue. Much of our communities’ investments in education today are being undermined by the strong-pull of these temptations.

In three years of operations, with a meager yearly budget and minimal advertising, Guard Your Eyes has helped thousands Jews get back on a path of sanity, healing and self-control. This has been accomplished through the many features of our network which include a website, forums, handbooks, chizuk e-mails, hotlines and 12 step phone conferences and groups. The achievements to date would mark an unprecedented success for even the best of multi-million dollar rehab centers dealing with different types of addictions.

Tax ID: 27-1505885 •


Battling the Hidden Crisis

Battling the Hidden Crisis

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