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EVENT: 2012 ING New York City Marathon - $1 Mil a Mile

EVENT DATE: Nov 04, 2012


Mileage Tracker: 17

Bridget McElroy



I’M IN.  (I’m in!)  

I have been waiting four long years to utter those two words. I have cursed the ING NYC Marathon every year that my $11 lottery entrance fee was spent to receive yet another rejection letter, instead of the right to run 26.2 miles on the hard streets of New York City.  I’ve harbored jealous sentiments every time a friend, or a friend of a friend, or a stranger on the street talked about their pending run in the NYC Marathon in 2009... and 2010... and 2011.  (Let me tell you, you don’t think a lot of people run marathons until you want to do one and can’t get in - then it seems like everybody and their mother (sometimes literally) is in the race.)  But 2012 is finally my year, and I’m lucky enough to be granted entrance into the city’s event of the year - and I feel that my four-year wait was meant to be.

The date of this year’s race, November 4th, marks the one-year anniversary of my sister Theresa’s retinal reattachment surgery; the outcome of that surgery decided whether she would regain vision in her left eye or lose it altogether. By the grace of God, my sister’s surgery was largely successful, and though the damage to the center vision in her eye may never be perfect, she is not blind - and hopefully never will be. My sister’s near encounter with blindness not only struck a chord within my family because we realized how precious the gift of vision truly is - but because for over a decade my family has volunteered to help the blind through their involvement with the Guide Dog Foundation For the Blind.  My family has volunteered as puppy walkers for future guide dogs countless times, taking sweet puppies into our home only to be returned to the foundation a year later, our empty arms filled with the hope that these puppies would become dogs that not only give their owners a chance at second sight, but the chance at a second life.  

Our involvement with the foundation, Theresa’s near vision loss, and the fact this race marks the one-year anniversary of that surgery makes it a no-brainer for me to give added weight to my 26.2 mile journey (and the 500+mile journey to get me to the starting line!).  So not only am I committing to running the marathon, but I am pledging to fundraise money to sponsor a guide dog puppy for the blind.  The $6,000 cost of sponsoring a dog is a huge amount that I’m not sure I will be able raise - but I sure am willing to try.  So follow me in my exhilarating 500+ mile journey to the NYC Marathon starting line, and support this wonderfully important cause along the way.

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