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Tim O'Grady's Fundraiser:

Fund training for a puppy for The Guide Dog Foundation For The Blind

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Hello possible donor!

Your time is important and so is mine, so let's get down to brass tacks! The quicker we get through this pitch, the quicker you can get back to Facebook.


This page exists for the purpose of raising $6,000 in the efforts of providing the monetary backing to pay for the training of a dog for The Guide Dog Foundation For The Blind. A degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa has affected multiple members of my family and I've seen firsthand the difficulties and dependencies that having limited or no sight brings upon the individual inflicted. My parents have been puppy raisers for this foundation for almost a year now, and after seeing the process of early training and also having visited the Guide Dog Foundation's facility in Smithtown, NY, I have seen that it truly is an incredible organization with an extremely talented and wonderful staff along with amazing animals that will be an great asset to any vision-impaired individual by gaining more independence and assistance while also providing a companionship that cannot be matched.

I know these donation-based sites have become popular as of late for people wanting your money to build statues of Robocop in Detroit or to help some group of degenerate young men raise the money to make an album they are too lazy to work and save up for, but this page is for more than that; it's for giving a person a new chance at experiencing life and giving them the opportunity to do enjoy the same things we all take for granted on a daily basis.

The donation will help pay for the housing, training, vet bills, food, staff, transportation and any other costs associated with raising a puppy for the Guide Dog Foundation, puppy raisers and the applicant that the dog is ultimately placed with as a service dog.

We all have a few bucks here and there that we can donate to help a good cause. Either way you're going to spend the money. It's inevitable. So instead of losing it to taxes or as Kevin McAllister from Home Alone 2 said, "Besides, I'll probably only spend it on stuff that'll rot my mind and my teeth", tell Uncle Sam and your dentist to get bent and WRITE OFF THAT DOUGH AS A CHARITABLE DONATION and send your money somewhere it actually benefits a person in need!

100% of the money received from this campaign will go directly to The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind.

For more information about this foundation, please visit



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