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Cordial Creations' Fundraiser:

Support a NEW Guide Dog Puppy Raisers Group in Austin, Texas

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      This webpage is intended to conduct a fundraiser towards the creation of a much needed Guide Dog Puppy Raisers Club in Austin, Texas.

     Why Austin? Aside from being the capital city of Texas, the weather is fair most of the year, and there is also a growing pool of volunteerism and entrepreneurship to draw from in this perpetually booming community. However, the most important reason is because it’s very centrally located to an area that would most utilize these services. Austin is a nerve center of many organizations that support the visually impaired community at large and is also the headquarters for the State Agency of the Division for Blind Services. Other organizations based here that serve the whole state of Texas include The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired which is a specialized public school for grades K-12, the NFB (National Federation of the Blind – Texas Chapter), the ACB (American Council of the Blind – Texas Chapter) and the Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center which is a comprehensive adult training facility designed to help their blind and visually impaired consumers in preparation for employment and independent living skills.


      Guide Dogs for the Blind Inc. (GDB) is a national non-profit organization headquartered in San Rafael, California and offer all of their services free-of-charge throughout the US and Canada. They and their volunteer associations are funded entirely through private donations like yours and they receive no government funding at all.

      Currently, the only Guide Dog Puppy Raisers Clubs associated with Guide Dogs for the Blind are located throughout the 8 Great Western states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, & Washington). Lone Star Guide Dog Raisers - based in Garland, Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth area) and representing the Northern Texas region - is the only other officially qualified guide dog puppy raisers for GDB in the Central and Eastern US.

      The objective of any Guide Dog Puppy Raisers Club is to recognize the aptitude in pledged pups and to encourage and support them to their fullest potential. These puppies are not raised as pets. First they are specially nurtured and socialized by volunteers called “Puppy Raisers” before they begin formal training to become OFFICIAL guide dogs for the blind and visually impaired. It is the duty of each individual Guide Dog Puppy Raisers Club to raise the funds needed to transport and vet newly pledged puppies.

      Our aim is to help fund the building of a group of dedicated individuals throughout Central Texas with the skill-set and commitment to raise specially bred and selected pups. These puppies will first need to be transported from the California facility to Texas where these “Puppy Raiser” volunteers are and then back to California again when they are ready for formal guide dog training.


What else you can do to help out our cause.

      By helping us reach our goals you can earn an awesome t-shirt with print on the front that says, “I supported a budding Guide Dog Puppy!” and an image of a Guide Dog Puppy in Training on the back! Go make a donation now or just simply join our team below and help spread the word. Don't forget to add us as a friend on your own profile page!

     Won’t you take this journey with us? If you’re dog lovers, like us, then we would like to share with you the steps involved in bringing these invaluable assets to the visually impaired community. So check back with us frequently or sign up for our blog feed so you won’t miss a step. You may learn more than you expect.

     If you would like to dedicate any part of your life to a worthy cause then volunteer today in one way or another to be a puppy sitter, a guide-dog puppy raiser, a speaker or any other part of the Guide Dogs for the Blind volunteer programs that spark your interest. How can anyone resist the calling of something so beautiful?





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