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Donate Money in the name of WBC in honor of the Boston Marathon Bomb Victims! GO GUILFORD GO!

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The Westboro Baptist Church claims that the explosion on April 15th, 2013, at the Boston Marathon was an act of god's wrath. In reaction, they plan to picket and protest the victim's funerals. THIS GROUP HAS PICKETED AT SOLDIER'S FUNERALS, THE FUNERALS OF THE VICTIMS OF SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY, AND THE FUNERALS OF THE COLORADO SHOOTING. Whether you believe in God or not, I hope you can understand how hateful and wrong this is. We can fight against their hate by giving money to the victims of the WBC's hate. I will use this site to raise money and donate it in the name of the WBC to the organization GLAAD, ( This is just ONE organization that's been affected by the WBC's active hatred of Gays and Lesbians. When we have more information, we can donate money directly to the Boston Bomb victims. There is a lot of anger against the WBC, let's direct this passion into action. The minimum donation is ten dollars on this site so I understand if you can't donate. But if you do then remember to write in the caption spot: "In honor of the Boston bomb victims, from the Westboro Baptist Church." Want to really commit? Send the WBC a thank you card! Tweet them at @GodHatesFagsWBC and attach the link to the fundraiser. 


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  • In honor of the Boston bomb victims from the WBC



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In honor of the Boston bomb victims from the WBC

In honor of the Boston bomb victims from the WBC


Thanks WBC for the donation! 4 years ago