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Founded in 1979, GSH organizes educational and cultural activities to promote the Indian heritage, and is registered as a Nonprofit organization under 501(C)(3)

Gujarati Samaj of Houston Tax ID 74-2161692


Our Vision and Our Mission

We are proud of our rich and diverse Gujarati and Indian culture and heritage which brings us together as a unified community which will propel us into the next century!

We believe our future is NOW! We as all Gujaratis must combine our energies and resources to make sure our voices are heard, our presence is felt in the economic, social, and administrative processes at local, regional, state, and national level.

We believe we must nurture the youth of our community to become leaders of tomorrow in all aspects and activities. We must create educational, developmental, fitness and training resources for the youth and the adult members of our communities.

We also must nourish our senior citizens to provide opportunities for inter-generational exchange of knowledge and integrate them to become integral part of our Samaj.

Thus, our mission is to create an innovative, inclusive and imaginative “Gujarati Samaj Community Center” to implement our Vision. We must pool our strengths and efforts together to assure our progress and prosperity of this project.

Mission Implementation plan:

Phase   I: Architectural Vision of “ Gujarati Samaj Community Center” launched for inputs from the community and discussion about the architectural vision

Phase II: Finalize the “Vision” into Architectural design incorporating the community inputs

Phase III: Convert “Architectural design” into concrete Master plan for fundraising activities

Phase IV: Start fundraising

Phase V:  Based upon Phase IV, review and redraft the Master plan for construction


Our dream, vision, and time has come…..We as Gujaratis can do it!!