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I was looking at a government auction website when I saw a NOAA vessel for auction. It is 155 feet long and could be renovated for use a relief vessel that could deliver goods and medical personnel to areas around the gulf coast and Caribbean. It would need significant work but it could be a great way to channel the energy of church youth groups and other volunteer groups. I propose that the transformation would be done in several phases. Phase I: Acquisition and relocation. Currently the vessel has no bids and is located in Virginia. I would propose that the vessel be harbored in or around Mobile, Alabama. This is because 1) that is where I am and 2) it is a relatively central location to launch to the US, Mexican, and Caribbean locations that may require disaster relief or medical missions. Phase II: Reappointment of the vessel into storage for disaster relief, medical treatment facilities, and other changes that may be necessary to make the vessel function in its new capacity. Phase III: Operation of the vessel as a medical mission vessel when not deployed for specific disaster relief.

The vessel can house 32 people with more than half of those being part of the relief team.

The $250k would be used to acquire and relocate the vessel, then another fundraiser would be needed to push forward with Phase II. Clearly, Phase II would cost more than Phase I.

During this time, I'd be looking for help to drive the project as I have a full time job as a doctor.

Look I know this is probably ridiculous because I just came up with this idea in the last 10 minute but the initial impulse when I saw the ship was almost as if the idea was put there supernaturally. I believe in God and perhaps he is trying to bring aid to the less fortunate through this project. Whether you believe or not, the reassignment of this great ship into a tool for administering aid to those in need is a worthy cause nonetheless.

To view the ship, go to and look under the "Boats" category on the left side menu for the "Delaware II."



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