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Senior couple needs help buying a simple, affordable home

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Hello, we are 52 & 60 yrs old & aren't ones to ask for help, ever, but we feel we are running out of options. Our situation is that we have been renting houses since my wife & I got together 5 yrs ago, and have had to move 5 times in less than 5 years due to bad luck mostly. We Want to buy a house, but haven't been able to due to several reasons.

First, I was supposed to buy a small part of land my father was buying and sub dividing in 2007. I lived on the property in the house that was to be mine, a small, older house, and made payments on my part for about 2 years while he worked on getting it sub dividided. But before he could get done he passed away. Since my name wasn't on the mortgage the banks would talk to me and eventually the property was foreclosed and we had to move. My wife & I met when I was in this house and got married about 2 yrs later.

About this time my wife got laid off of a job she had worked at for 10 yrs due to the company losing their contract to a foreign company, so her job went overseas. She was having health issues and ended up with severe Degenerative disc problems, along with her knee problems. Her knee has been replaced twice and still causes her constant pain. Because of these 2 problems she is no longer able to work. We've applied for disability but have been told it could take several years so her income is zero right now since her unemployment ran out last year.

We moved into the next house with a lease option and after one year the homeowners lost the house to foreclosure so we had to move again. The homeowners had the water company put a lock on the meter before they lost it which forced us to move out suddenly since we had no water.

We took the 1st place we could get quickly but that house was too expensive and we lasted 9 months before we could no longer pay for it & moved into a friends basement. We lived in this TINY basement for 6 months, with our 7 cats, so was very difficult.

We finally had the money to rent a house of our own and were told they would give us a 9 month lease since they didn't want the lease to end in November, then they would renew our lease for another 12 months. We figured this might give us time to come up with a down payment and get our credit in order during this time. Then after 6 months we were told the owners were putting the house up for sale and would not renew our lease.

So now we have to move again. We've lost thousands in deposits since the foreclosed landlords had no money to give back, and we broke one lease since we couldn't pay it. We've also lost thousands each year due to the time off for moving, the cost of moving, etc, so we can't get enough saved up to buy a house of our own.

And I'm now having health issues of my own with both Knees hurting a lot and I'm having recurring bouts with my Diverticulitis, which is basically where my colon leaks into my abdomen, and it is very dangerous and life threatening. Last year I was in the hospital 5 days and was air lifted from my hometown to Denver for Emergency surgery, so my health is also causing us to lose the only income stream we have at times. Overall, I'm healthy and foresee no problem working for a long time, but it does cut into our income each time I'm sick.

I'm a military Vet, USAF 1985-1991, so I can possibly get a VA loan at no down. But we still need money to move, and to do some immediate repairs to a house as we plan to buy a slightly run down, foreclosed home because it will be cheaper. And since I do construction work I can fix it up to build some equity.

We already have a house in mind that in our area is very affordable. It's actually a modular home that was foreclosed so in a little rough shape and needs some work right away before we can live in it. So between that and the other misc costs we figure we need to raise about 10-15,000.

Also, due to my wifes health issues, it's up to me to do the majority of the moving which is extremely difficult each time and I feel I can't keep moving like this. We just want to settle into one spot and stay forever. We HATE moving incredibly bad.

Anything will be appreciated and put to good use.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you,
Guy & Carla



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