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Gwen's Girls, Inc. Tax ID 75-3114136


Our Vision

Our vision is one of girls becoming self-sufficient adults, equipped with the capacity to continuously evolve emotionally, physically and spiritually; building strong family units; developing a strong support system; and contributing to community life.

Our Values

  • Our girls' and their families' inherent strengths are recognized, honored and nurtured by Gwen's Girls to facilitate the development of each girl physically, emotionally and spiritually, to create strong family units and community bonds and ultimately to build stable and productive lives.
  • The needs of our girls and families dictate Gwen's Girls' service development. We acknowledge a society that is fraught with social barriers of race, class and gender. We celebrate the uniqueness of the female spirit, while advocating for positive changes for girls, families and communities.
  • We embrace diversity of culture, perspective and experience and realize that differences define the richness and vitality of life.
  • Educational opportunities and enrichment experiences will lead to economic self-sufficiency, quality of life and general well-being.
  • We use our financial and staff resources wisely, seek feedback from our stakeholders and measure our results by holding Gwen's Girls accountable for the effectiveness and stewardship of our mission.
  • Gwen's Girls is one entity in a large system promoting the greater good. We form collaborations and partnerships with individuals, communities, institutions and social service providers on behalf of those we serve.