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H.E.R.O.E.S. Care Inc.'s Fundraiser:

H.E.R.O.E.S. Care

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You knew that a military family needed help?


You could help that struggling military family keep their home, their car, their utilities?


You could provide the means to help a military family combat alcohol and drug abuse, divorce, suicide?


Your support of H.E.R.O.E.S. Care can do these things and more!  Thousands of highly trained, uniquely qualified caregivers bring the power of community and the dedicated resources of national affiliates in support of those who struggle with the complex effects of deployment and the seen and unseen wounds of war. 

Why is your support important? Just two examples of many thousands of caregiving services we have provided:


“A military member registered for family support. We contacted our Give an Hour partner to recruit and train a mental health care professional in that community to be on standby in case of need. After the military member returned from deployment, he called our direct line. It was evident he was contemplating suicide. Within 18 minutes he was on the phone with his assigned mental healthcare provider.” 


“A pilot lost his position with a major airline. Shortly thereafter, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. He joined the reserves in order to obtain medical benefits. He was almost immediately deployed, leaving his wife at home alone. A caregiver was assigned to the family who was a breast cancer survivor. After a few weeks of follow-up phone contacts, the caregiver was invited into the home. She came to learn that shortly before her husband lost his position with the airline, the couple had purchased a ‘fixer upper’ house in need of significant repairs. The caregiver arranged for volunteer tradesmen to make repairs and in two weekends the house was completely refurbished. One of the tradesmen involved in the project was also a Boy Scout leader with a troop in need of a service project. The grass was cut, the leaves were raked, and snow was removed during the entire deployment by the scout troop. The wife was required to travel over 100 miles each way for her cancer treatments. The caregiver arranged for volunteers to drive her to and from her weekly appointments. The caregiver arranged for women to prepare nutritionally appropriate meals and every two days these volunteers would have dinner with her and leave additional prepared meals, encouraging her to eat properly, an important part of the treatment and recovery process."

Putting the numbers in perspective:

50,000: the average number of military families residing in each state ·

5,000: the number of military families affected by deployment at any given time · 

500: the number of military families who will require the support H.E.R.O.E.S. Care provides · 

50: the number of military members who will make an attempt to take their own lives 

We reach the 50,000 to support the 5000 to sustain the 500 to help prevent the 50.  


"I can't rave about this organization enough. I watched them completely transform a homeless veteran's life who was on the verge of suicide. They helped him find a good paying job, assisted with housing and furnishings, spoiled his family at Christmas, provided him a vehicle, helped with his PTSD, the list goes on! He needed a miracle and H.E.R.O.E.S. Care delivered!" 

They have given so much... 

Thanks for giving a little something back.



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